../Portable BlackMagic Professional 2.8


BlackMagic is a simple to use yet very powerful digital photo software program used to colorize photographs, add color to photos, enhance images and restore old photographs. It was developed from the same software that we use to colorize films and movies, Add color to your photos, restore and repair damaged photographs with BlackMagic

Some of the major uses of BlackMagic are :

* Colorize Black and White Photographs
* Adjust the Hue and Saturation of Photos
* Restore Old Photos
* Repair Photos
* Enhance Photos and Images
* Add Color To Satellite Photography
* Colorize or Recolor Old Wedding Photos
* Get The Kids Interested in History By Coloring Old Historical Photos
* Ideal for Photo Genealogy and Family Tree Projects
* Start A Home Business Restoring And Coloring Photographs

Pass: usbtools

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