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Zend Studio is designed for new PHP programmers wishing to create PHP applications for the coolest Internet programs and Web pages. It is the perfect PHP development environment for delivering robust and bug-free applications in record time. With a state-of-the-art PHP editor and an award-winning Internal Debugger, Zend Studio delivers all the basic features a PHP developer needs:
- Increase productivity with the proven PHP development environment. Includes advanced PHP 5 Support, Code Editor, Code Completion, Syntax Highlighting, Project Manager, Wizards, and an Internal Debugger.
- Enhance your productivity. Test your application on the spot using Zend Studio's renowned and award-winning Internal Debugger. Advanced debugging features include conditional breakpoints, stack trace view, advanced watches, variables and output buffer.
- Deliver applications in record time with the productivity of 100 reusable Code Snippets. Zend Snippets Explorer lets you organize, view, and add utility functions and code samples. Connect automatically to the Zend hosted code Gallery where you can select, download, rate or upload additional Code Snippets.
- Develop faster and smarter with Syntax Highlighting. Enhance code comprehension with color highlighting for PHP 4, PHP 5, HTML, JavaScript, XML and CSS.

Zend Studio™ - Feature List

Zend Studio 5 major new features:
- PHP 5.1 Support:
Develop with the latest technologies. Zend Studio 5.1 includes full support for PHP 5.1.
- Web Services Support:
Easily generate WSDL files directly from your PHP source code and parse existing WSDL files for Code Completion integration and Inspection View.
- Subversion Integration:
Seamlessly integrate between Zend Studio and Subversion source control with this top user-requested feature.
- Code Folding:
Be more productive by easily folding classes, functions, PHPDoc blocks and non-PHP code.
- Go to PHP Resource Utility:
Quickly navigate to any PHP resource in the Project with filtering by classes, functions and constants.
- FTP over SSL Support:
Securely browse your FTP connection using SSL with Implicit and Explicit methods.
- Embedded Internet Explorer:
Directly view and debug your application in Zend Studio's internal browser.
- Nested PHP Code Completion:
Develop faster with new nested Code Completion support for a variety of PHP elements (functions, variables, etc.).

New in Zend Studio Studio 5.5:
- Zend Platform Events List Integration — View Zend Platform Events in a dedicated and a customized Events List window. Click on each event to view complete event details in the browser window.
- Embedded Java Code Completion — Easily integrate Java into your code using the Code Completion features and define / specify additional Jars or Class folders that can be used for code completion.
- Source Control Status Decoration — View changes and current status of source controlled files from the Project view. Project file labels are automatically color coded according to their source control status.
- Zend Framework Integration — Seamlessly use integrated and customizable Zend Framework code completion and view the Framework functions list from the PHP Functions View.
- Remote WSDL File Support — Enables you to define your WSDL file as a remote URL file and get WSDL functions instantly.
- Mactel support — Universal binaries are available - compatible with both PowerPC and Intel processors.
- Anti-Aliasing support — Customize font aliasing for smoother viewing.

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