../Portable Drive Discovery 2.3


File Recovery & Drive Security Program

Drive Discovery contains three complimentary programs that give users unrivalled control over hard drive contents.

Torch Bin - extends the usefulness of the recycle bin. Examine the contents of individual files & view deleted images. Selectively erase files, or recover them. Option to wipe files as they're deleted.

Discovery Recovery – file recovery program. Analyse the hard disk to see what files and data can be recovered, see inside deleted files and view deleted images. Remove all traces of selected files, or recover those deleted files you thought were lost.

Drive Privateer – the drive clean-up manager. Completely wipe the disk free space; erase all traces of slacks; erase orphan file system entries; wipe the swapfile; and uniquely, will even clean residual data traces from under existing files, safely defragmenting them in the process.

Pass: usbtools

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